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When I was living in the SF Bay Area, I was a volunteer for the school that my children attended. A fantastic groups of moms all taught the art class. One of my favoirte parts of this volunteering was the comradery with the other ladies. We got together once a month to create the piece of art before we showed the children how to perform the task. We would create and talk, and have such a great time.

When I moved to San Luis Obispo, I wanted that aspect of fellowship again...then I heard of painting and drinking wine. The one thing that all of us ladies would say in jest...Too bad we don't have a glass of wine as we create our masterpieces. Honestly, my art work was always the worst. It wasn't about the comparison, it was about the community! The children went on to discover artistic methods, and learned about art history in the whole process. Now, Casa Del Arte will become a space that people can come and relax, paint, craft, and color. 


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